The Design compatible with you

Here, we show you our custmers’ houses we build between 2003~2014. You may see some are new, the others are renovated.
These pictures have been good memories to us , and collages us very often.
Even 1 detail will show you our respection on the customer and it would never happen with the others. Every houses is precious because the customer was him/herself, not the one of those.

The reason why my husband and I started our architect company,Kuhcan,was simple.

We hoped houses (architectual senary)was totally be unioned in meaning of visuality and humanity. It should make those owners FEEL AT HOME, nor their manifestation of their vanity, even nor our architectural adovocation.

Of course we always respect the beautifully furnished room, but the most essential element makes their home alive is how our customer live in. Who they are, how they feel, and what they are strrugling for, is the great inspiration for us, beyond the principal of beauty.

Therefor those beautifully balanced room in pictures decolated with furniture, curtains, doors, colors of walls are not special, but simply and carefully chosen by our customers’ taste. Most of them are not expensive nor sensibly designed by famous artist, I can sure they will not go to fade out but be attached to, since they are modest and cosy for their owner.

In Japanese,the word [空間]Kuhcan,means space (in 3 demensions).We actually plan your house on a paper in 2 dementions, but always trying to think about another several demention as I stated above. We insist that we architects should have more understanding and respect for whom living in our designed house.

It would be our much presure if the house nurse her owner, encourage the family, like a mother bird covers their chicks.